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Keeneland Opening Day and ITM Breeders' Cup Preview!

Keeneland Opening Day and ITM Breeders' Cup Preview!

We strongly suggest listening to the audio that’s attached!

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We wanted to provide a preview of what’s planned for the Breeders’ Cup*:

  • ITM Picks Grid for ALL Breeders’ Cup Races - PTF, JK, Nick Tammaro, Frank Scatoni, etc.

  • Wagering Strategy considerations for three different budgets - $200, $500, $1,000

  • Frank Scatoni Pick 4 Analysis for BC

  • Two - Three Exclusive ITM Plus Podcasts

    1. BC Early Pick 5 Analysis (Friday)

    2. BC Early Pick 5 Analysis (Saturday)

    3. Euro Final Answers Podcast with PTF and friends from the International Racing scene

  • PTF and JK Q&A Podcast or Video: Questions from ITM Plus Subscribers

  • By The Numbers Stats Analysis for both Breeders’ Cup cards

  • Euro vs. USA Breeders’ Cup Trend Report

  • Have suggestions? Reply to this email and we’ll try to add to the list!

*In true ITM fashion, expect some “production meetings in the middle of the show” - Meaning some of this will shift and we will iron out specifics as we get closer. More importantly, we are still committed to our usual lineup of free content. The MONSTER POD will be released after the final preps are complete and we have big plans across the network. So as always, if this isn’t your thing, ignore it.

But if you join today, you’ll have access to our Opening Day Keeneland Podcast, all of our exclusive Keeneland content, and of course, the Breeders’ Cup items listed above. You won’t find better value anywhere else - that’s our strongest opinion of the weekend. ;)

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Keeneland Opening Day Preview

We wanted to make sure you’re aware of two shows from this week.

PTF and Nick (Player’s Podcast - 10/5) reviewed some of the BC Prep action and then Jim Goodman discusses the Keeneland meet, upcoming contests, and the new $3 All Turf Pick 3 concept.

Keeneland Opening Day Show - PTF is joined by Eric Solomon and Michael Domabyl giving their thoughts on the late Pick 5, as well as key Breeders’ Cup preps, the GI Alcibiades & GII Phoenix.

Paging all Horseplayers!

After a fantastic contest last week, we are doing it again as part of our Horseplayer Happy Hour! On top of the being in the midst of the HHH Playoffs, we will have another strong BCBC qualifier contest starting tomorrow, races 2 through 9 at Belmont Park!

With this contest, Breeders’ Cup will be guaranteeing at least one(or possibly two) $10,000 BCBC seat(s) for a qualifier from this contest, while running simultaneously with the Horseplayer Happy Hour Playoffs!

What’s the best part of the contest? The fact that ALL proceeds will be going to support our partner charities, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation!

We are very thankful to the Breeders’ Cup for continuing to partner with us to bring Horseplayers these amazing opportunities. With your support we are able to provide much needed funding to two amazing aftercare organizations, as well as continue to give bettors and racing fans with the best possible wagering opportunities we can!

Entries will close Thursday right before post for the 2nd race at Belmont, 1:09PM. For more information about the contest, check out the link below!

Horseplayer's Happy Hour Contest - Thursday, 10/7


As well, don’t forget to check out the HorsePlayer’s Happy Hour feed on the Breeders’ Cup Social Media this weekend as PTF, JK & Michelle Yu will be live streaming at 3:30pm ET. You can also find the shows on our Youtube page, just follow the link below!

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