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The In the Money Media Network, founded by Jonathon Kinchen and Peter Thomas Fornatale, is a collection of podcasts and other content about horse racing.

The network itself is an outgrowth of the award-winning, In the Money Players’ Podcast 

The newsletter is an extension of the podcast network. Sent weekly, on Fridays, our intention is for the newsletter to become a hub for horse racing content from the ITM team and our partners.

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ITM Plus:

We recently launched ITM Plus, a premium content service.

So what can you expect from ITM Plus? True to form, expect this to evolve over the first couple of months, “production meeting in the middle of the show” style. 

For now, ITM Plus will include the following, each month:

  • Two or more, ITM Plus Podcasts

    There will be a private podcast feed, sent to ITM Plus Subcscribers. The schedule will be flexible, by design. We will focus on large carryovers and mandatory payouts. We’ve noticed a need for this type of content; admittedly, our own Network handicapping shows focus mostly on Saturday racing which leaves a gap in coverage if there’s a mandatory payout sequence on Sunday or Thursday (our Turfway Park show from this week as an example). We are largely supported by our generous partners but securing sponsorship for a show with less than 12 hours notice becomes almost impossible. This allows us to meet the demand of our listeners.

  • Show Notes / Summaries

    ITM is literally a Network of podcasts. That’s not changing. But we’ve received requests to essentially provide show notes as a companion to our shows. ITM Plus subscribers will receive show notes / summaries for each of our Players’ Podcast handicapping shows (and the ITM Plus Podcasts). Listening to the episode is still recommended to get the full context of the discussion but we are trying to eliminate the need for listeners to take their own notes. We decided to give this away this week. An example of what to expect is included below. Admittedly, ITM Plus subscribers are paying for convenience here.

  • Exclusive Horseplayer Interviews

    Behind the scenes discussions with professional horseplayers. The idea here is that PTF will collate these interviews and they’ll serve as the content for the next handicapping book. ITM Plus Subscribers will get early insight into the content.

  • Weekend Highlight Horses and Angles from Matt Vagvolgyi

    Each weekend, ITM regular and accomplished horseplayer, Matt Vagvolgyi will share thoughts on select races from around the country. He will focus on profitable angles and highlighting horses that meet certain criteria (trips, etc.).

ITM Plus will have a nominal $20/Month fee. There will be a discount for committing to a year-long subscription ($199/Year).

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