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Kentucky Derby Day - Early Pick 5

Kentucky Derby Day - Early Pick 5

How to Add Podcasts

Here are a few screenshots that are relatively straightforward and required for the first-time setup of your podcast feed. Again, this is a one-time thing…

  1. Listen directly from email/site or (RECOMMENDED) click “Listen in Podcast App”

  1. After step 1, you may be prompted to select a player (step 3), or receive a follow-up email with your private feed subscription. In the new email, click the button “Add to podcast app”

  1. You will be prompted to select your preferred player, clicking the icon or “>” should prompt the new private subscription. Please note that Spotify is not supported at this time. :(

That’s it - You should be subscribed. And while you’ll get an email prompt for future ITM Plus Podcasts, it should automatically show up in your selected feed.